Recent Films - NoboaFilms
recent films, shot by Martin Noboa. Noboa Films is set in Oslo, Norway and shoots and edits video, drone, 4k, film, scriptwriting
video, film, art, editing, filming, corporate, fiction, brand, documentary, reportage, development, drone, 4k, directing, noboa
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Post prod. work for Norad. Guyana MRV
Post prod. work for Norad. Guyana Green Gold
Post prod. work for Norad. Guyana El Dorado
Short film for OsloMet
Short film for AniCura
“Winter stories”. A short ski tale, shot in Oslo Marka, winter 2019.
Ad for Kebony Woods. Oslo.
Teaser “Arts and the city”. In production stage.
Trailer: “Today there are no stars”. Short movie shot in Oslo Marka.
Ad film for Cowi. Oslo Lufthavn.
Corporate film. AniCura Jeløy Dyreklinikk.
Ad film for Kebony Woods.
Development film for NORAD, Zambia – Panos
Development film for NORAD, Zambia – CFU
Corporate film shot for Kebony woods
Trailer. Ad for Stockfleths.
App for Syria. NORAD.